Find Your Macros


FindYourMacros calculator uses the Mifflin - St Jeor Formula to first determine the total number of calories you need per day. This is adjusted depending on your goals, whether its to lose fat, maintain or build muscle and your exercise level. It is specifically designed for people doing strength or high intensity training.

We follow modern scientific research and don't overprescribe on protein. Generally, the recommended amount found in many studies at 1.8 grams per kg of bodyweight (see below), although anecdotally many people report better results on a higher quantity of protein. This calculator uses a 25% Protein / 40% Carb / 35% Fat ratio. This still provides the body with enough protein for maximum protein synthesis while not overloading it with waste (protein can be expensive, why waste it?)

Male Female

Fat loss (0.5kg per week)
Muscle gain (0.5 kg per week)
Exercise Level
Little/no exercise
3 times/week
4 times/week
5 times/week
5 times/week (intense)
Daily (intense)
Daily exercise + physical job